Ping Test Tool

Domain or IP address

Ping – This tool allows you to test the reachability of a IP device. This also shows how long it takes for packets to reach the host.

What is an IP address?
The Internet Protocol (IP) address given to every computer connected to the Internet. An IP address is needed to route information much like a street address or PO box is needed to receive regular mail. Example IP address:

This utility is an online ping tool, you can use this Free Ping Test Tool, feel free to use this Online Ping Utility Tool. This is helpful to test connectivity to your devices from a location outside your network.

What is Ping?
Input: IP address or host name. Sends signals (packets) to another computer on the Internet to see if they send a return or an ‘echo.’ If all the signals ‘timeout’ the computer may be disconnected from the Internet or at least unreachable from the server. This feature only checks a computer connected to the Internet, it cannot verify the validity of an e-mail address. It also cannot check a specific web page, but you can check the main server to see if it is connected Example ping: is valid.